Arena Celebrates Creative Event “Kalakari”


Kalakari a grand success in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata & Delhi: Arena’s Kalakari: Kreative Kumbh proved to be a tremendous success! Held in Mumbai on 8th January, Ahmedabad on 11th February, Kolkata on 18th February, and Delhi on 26th February, Arena students put up several kiosks displaying hand-made artwork of all types, while others put up dance & music performaces, alongside performances by accomplished artists from across the length and breadth of India.


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National Award-winning animator and filmmaker Chetan Sharma, who is also one of the founder-directors of Animagic animation studio, conducted a live sketching-through-music workshop on the lawn. Students sat on the grass and let their fingers run free on paper, following the beats of the music. They drew lines and circles and simply let the music do the sketching for them. Sharma provided feedback and encouragement to each student, even as the students discovered the hidden artist within them.

Apart from experiencing such inspirational performances, students also attended seminars and workshops conducted by top names from India’s creative talent pool. Workshops were held on topics including:

Stop-motion animation, Acting for animation, PixilationVoice acting for animation, Character Design, Music mania….and more!
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So what is Kalakari: Kreative Kumbh?

In a nutshell, Kalakari is for the kalakars, a wonderful platform for all creative, artistic people to showcase their skills & to learn from senior artists who have already made their mark on the international art scene.

At Kalakari, Arena students find the perfect platform to experience art & learn from experienced & talented students and professionals in the field of art. You also get the opportunity to showcase your work to these senior artists!


Kalakari is the first Kreative Kumbh of its kind, in the entire education sphere. At Arena, we understand that an artist does not learn only in the classroom; he or she learns through observation & by being inspired by nature, and by the art created by other, senior artists who have walked the same path before.

Kalakari  2016