The role of the alumni relations is multidimensional and multi-functional. It is like celebrating the Past the Present and the future all at the same time. Alumni Association aims ‘to build, promote and strengthen the relationship between alumni and their alma mater.

The interactions of Alumni build an unspoken bond between the alumni, the institution and the present students. There can be no better role model for the present batch of students to look up to than the Alumni who are either entrepreneurs or working with the corporate world Facing challenges providing solutions and are the greatest examples of Industry practitioners. It helps in maintaining and promoting alumni participation in the development of the institution through professional, educational, and various social and recreational events and providing a contributive environment for the free exchange of ideas. The main Objective of this Relationship and association to encourage greater communication and interaction among alumni, Present and future students and faculty members. It focuses on constantly motivating alumni for sharing their experiences and skills as a part of Alumni lecture Series for the future academic well-being of the Institution. Alumni Lecture Series is initiated to provide a platform to our alumni from different parts of the world to come together to share their ideas and experiences of their professional life with our current students with an objective to establish a cohesive and mutually beneficial networking between alumni and current students.