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Arena Animation – Rajouri Garden





Our History and Lineage – Where We Are Coming From !

Arena Animation, Rajouri Garden was established in 1996.

Arena Animation Rajouri Garden is the first and inaugural Centre of the Arena Brand. Our Institute is dedicated to the professional design disciplines of 3D, 2D design, animation & Multimedia Technology. Our curriculum is constantly reviewed to keep our students at the forefront of 3D and 2D design education and training.

Our Principles and Ethos – Our Raison d Etre

The promise of a fascinating future – and to deliver it – is  our Prime Calling.

We have taken a solemn pledge to honour our commitment to excellence in every dimension of Animation Education. We smilingly dedicate ourselves to going the extra mile to equip our current and future student generations with the vital edge in their careers.

Arena  Animation, Rajouri Garden prides itself in grooming and nurturing individuals to become award-winners. Our delivery mechanism is totally focused towards preparing our students for the real world. We project  our positioning first as a Professional Institute before an Academic Institute.

Arena  Animation, Rajouri Garden continues to strive for excellence in delivering high quality education and providing an enriching learning experience. A unique combination of academic theory and hands-on experience ensures that all our graduates possess the skills and knowledge required by employers worldwide as well as a sound foundation for advanced study.

We encourage our students to gain practical training during the curriculum whereby they establish networks with companies, which very often become their future employers.

Our Mission and Vision

  • To be the benchmark in Animation Education & Training in India
  • To groom class-leading Animation professionals capable of contributing to knowledge creation in their domains
  • To continuously raise the standards of excellence in their chosen field
  • To be the front-runner in serving the escalating skill needs of the Animation Industry

Animation is a Multi – Disciplinary Art – Science. It calls for a wide bouquet of skills from traditional art skills to articulation skills, storytelling to aesthetic appreciation, creativity to technical prowess… A complete Animation Professional is one who has assimilated all the nuances and can apply them adroitly at the highest professional level. Such an individual qualifies for excellence in every dimension of Animation.

This is precisely the breed of Animation Professionals that we strive to nurture at Arena Animation Academy – Rajouri Garden.

Our Infrastructure & Technology


Arena Rajouri as a Platform for Animators / Designers

There is a need for a platform where students can learn and acquire the technical knowledge and artistic skill-set required to become world-class Animators/Designers. The Design industry has been brewing in India for a while. Now is the time when some very significant mile-stone developments have started to take place in this space and when Hollywood and Japanese Entertainment industries are seriously looking at India as the next hotbed for Animation and Special Effects work. In addition, Indian market itself is growing by such leaps and bounds that almost all well-established animation/design studios are optimistically looking to expand. Animation/Design is one of the very few industries that can boast of starting salaries way above the industry average. Analysts report this industry to be the next biggest boom in India after Information Technology.

Arena Rajouri Winners of National & International Film Awards

We have participated into various national & international film festivals or competitions and won an awards including “Digital Wind – Russia, Mise-en-Scene (International film festival at IP College for Women, Delhi University), Creative Mind – Annual Competition for Arena Students, and many more…

Every year we participate into competitions like: Anifest, FICCI-BAF Awards, Asifa India, 24 FPS, SIGGRAPH, TBS Digicon, eDward, Moving Frames, Creative Mind, Mise-en-Scene, Digital Wind, ITFS, and many more…

You may watch our films at this link: www.youtube.com/arenarajouri